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Openforce Introduces IC Recruit; Helps Cut National Driver Shortage

Companies can improve driver recruiting by quickly connecting with qualified independent contractor drivers

PHOENIX, AZ – June 15, 2021 – Openforce, the leading software technology platform for managing commercial relationships between contracting companies and their 1099 independent contractor workforce, today announced the launch of IC Recruit. The new offering helps companies quickly find independent contractors (ICs) who are pre-qualified and ready to work. Openforce brings IC Recruit to market at a crucial time in the transportation industry; the American Trucking Association estimates the current, rapidly growing driver shortage to be 63,000, creating challenges for the entire supply chain.

To overcome driver recruitment challenges, companies utilizing Openforce’s contractor management technology platform can now gain exclusive access to a searchable database containing thousands of pre-vetted ICs—all ready to provide services. In seconds, companies are connected to a list of contractors matching their specified criteria, saving time and reducing the overall cost of recruiting , allowing them to instead reinvest that savings into their businesses.

“The past 12 months have wreaked havoc on the supply chain in so many ways, including the ongoing driver shortage that has put a strain on businesses that rely on a 1099 workforce to deliver their goods and services,” said Wendy Greenland, CEO, Openforce. “With IC Recruit, Openforce clients can take advantage of our vast network of independent contractors and shorten the time it takes to find and enroll a qualified IC. This solution not only helps our clients by reducing recruiting costs, but it assists independent contractor drivers in finding additional business opportunities.”

Openforce is not a staffing company, but actively adds ICs to its platform on a continual basis. New drivers are added daily to IC Recruit where companies can search by vehicle type and states where they need delivery services. Openforce will then connect them to previously qualified drivers. Contracting companies can choose to contact contractors they are interested in directly or invite them into a pre-enrollment workflow in a single click.

“Our customers are trying to do more with fewer resources, and we want to make it easier for them to scale,” added Greenland. “With IC Recruit and other tools that we have recently launched like Continuous MVR Monitoring and IC Safety Education, powered by SambaSafety, Openforce customers can create or extend a reliable IC workforce that gives them a competitive advantage.”

The powerful driver recruiting solution complements the current platform from Openforce, which includes onboarding, settlement, compliance and risk mitigation. Openforce’s software technology platform allows contracting companies and ICs to work under a smarter, simpler 1099 workforce model.

For more information on IC Recruit, visit Openforce’s information page, or contact Openforce directly at

About Openforce

Openforce® is the leading software technology platform for managing commercial relationships between contracting companies and their 1099 independent contractor workforce. Openforce frees contracting companies from the burden of onboarding, contracting, and settlement processing while helping contractors build their business. Our cloud-based applications help businesses achieve more sustainable, profitable growth by removing financial, operational and compliance barriers to getting business done. Openforce is a portfolio company of Boston-based private equity firm Riverside Partners. Learn more at


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