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Join Us

NHDA Membership: Advancing our Industry Together.


When you join NHDA you gain inside access to education and training, industry developments, resources, networking opportunities, discounts, events and more.


Members are home delivery companies – either a business or individual - that provide services related to arranging the delivery of, transporting, and installation of heavy goods, to and for end users in homes under arrangements with product manufacturers or retailers of bulky goods products.

Associate Member​

Associate Members are companies that provide a product or professional service to Members. 

Why Join

Provide a peer-to-peer leadership venue for addressing the strategic challenges facing the industry.


Promote ongoing education at all levels of the Delivery & Set-Up of Bulky Goods Industry.


Develop and promote methods to attract talent to all levels of the industry, from management to independent contractors.


Serve as the voice of the Delivery & Set-Up of Bulky Goods Industry to address the regulation, legislation, and litigation impacting the industry.


Develop industry standards for companies and independent contractors engaged in any and all aspects of delivery and set-up of bulky goods.


To bring it all together, NHDA hosts events throughout the year to come together and discuss issues of common concern in the home delivery industry.


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