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Meet NHDA.

The National Home Delivery Association (NHDA) is committed to serving the needs and interests of individuals, companies, and organizations that deliver furniture, appliances, and electronics to the home by promoting the highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

In 2013 ten of the leading home delivery companies specializing in the “white glove” delivery of appliances, furniture and large electronics to homes came together to address common interests.  These ten firms founded the National Home Delivery Association with a shared commitment to enhancing the industry through training, setting standards for customer service and enhancing the profile of this vital segment of America’s retail economy. 


This is the golden age of last mile logistics. The last mile delivery of heavy, big-ticket items such as furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and electronics requires special handling and skills.  Our members have been serving the last mile, residential delivery of these items from brick and mortar retailers for years and are now doing the same for purchases made over the internet.

We service the public, our clients and their customers with excellence and integrity.

Our Story

The NHDA greatly acknowledges the support of our President's Circle members. 

President's Circle

Meet The Board

Rob Davis
Diakon Logistics


Rob Davis joined Diakon Logistics in 2013. After various roles throughout the company he was promoted to President in 2019. Rob’s background in consulting has helped the company develop and implement process and technology solutions to adapt to new consumer behaviors. Rob served as senior aide to 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and continues to be involved in political issues impacting the transportation industry. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Utah and currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and four daughters.

Emily Phillips

E.MISSION Advisory

1st Vice President

Emily Phillips is founder of E.MISSION Advisory, focused on shaping net zero pathways for the transportation sector as it evolves toward a more sustainable future. She was with XPO Logistics for fifteen years in roles from engineering to account operations. Her most recent role prior to her departure in 2022 was Vice President of Advanced Solutions, overseeing solution design, pricing and implementation of all new business in the last mile space. Emily is a passionate advocate for sustainable, yet practical, solutions in the transport arena. She was the founder and chair of XPO’s Sustainability Committee, is the co-chair of NHDA’s Sustainability Council, and speaks at events throughout the industry on the topic sustainability as it relates to transportation. 

James Betz

Spirit Logistics

2nd Vice President

Josh DeLay
J.B. Hunt Final Mile


Leslie Bellus

98 Ventures, Inc.


Jared Baker

RXO Logistics


David Dunek

Forward Air Final Mile


Joel Eigege

Ryder Systems


Wendy Greenland



David Heckmann

Home Delivery Inc.


Joe Llano

Spirit Logistics


Will O'Shea

Cardinal Logistics


Scott Ramsey

98 Ventures


Michael Remick

Fox River Services


Paul Mello

Hanson Bridget

Outside General Counsel

Geoff Chasin

Immediate Past President

Don Staniszewski 

Pillar Logistics

NHDA Foundation

Bill Lecos

Executive Director

Patrick Cory

Director Emeritus

Robert Fleisher

Director Emeritus

Charles Hitt

Director Emeritus

Dennis Munson

Director Emeritus

Richard Purnell

Director Emeritus

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