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P.O. Box 4141 Falls Church, VA  22044

Tel. 703.931.6324

Executive Director: William Lecos


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Pillar Logistics

Donald Staniszewski

Spirit Delivery

2nd Vice President
Joe Llano

The Purnell Group

Richard Purnell

NRX Logistics

1st Vice President
Geoff Chasin

Diakon Logistics

Rob Davis


Executive Director 
Bill Lecos

Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson and Feary

Outside General Council
Prasad Sharma
Directors Emeritus

Charles Annett, FSA Logistix, Inc.

Robert Fleisher, HomeDeliveryLink

Charles Hitt, XPO Logistics

Pat McCluskey, Fox River Services


Steve Anderson, FSA Logistix

James Betz, Spirit Delivery

Patrick Cory, JB Hunt - Last Mile

Richie Deslongchamps, RDI Last Mile

Andy McLeish, Diakon Logistics

Dennis Munson, Linn Star Transfer

Scott Ramsey, UST Logistical Systems

Michael Remick. Pillar Logistics

Daniel Walsh, XPO Logistics

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