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The Advocacy Council provides a framework for NHDA members to engage collectively in the federal, state and regulatory arenas on behalf of the home delivery industry.

Coalition for Workforce Innovation

The NHDA has joined the Coalition for Workforce Innovation (CWI) to protect the critical role of independent contractors in the economy.  CWI brings together diverse stakeholders representing technology companies, worker advocates, logistics, retail, and service industries. The CWI will focus on modernizing the woefully outdated federal workplace and labor law policy in the United States.  Current policies are restricting innovative working relationships and hampering economic opportunities for workers. A modern approach is needed that will benefit workers, consumers, businesses, and the economy.  As part of the CWI, the NHDA will voice our industry’s interests in educating policymakers on the benefits of independent work and supporting policy proposals that protect and empower individuals to choose nontraditional work arrangements

The principals of the Coalition for Workforce Innovation include:

  • Individuals should have the freedom to determine how, when, and where they work

  • Those choosing independent work should be treated fairly under the law in terms of access to training, benefits, and certain protections

  • Empowerment and flexibility for workers will improve economic opportunities for workers and outcomes for organizations

  • Independent work should be applicable across all positions, platforms, and industries

  • Legal and regulatory consistency across states is vital for broad adoption of independent work


For more information, visit Coalition for Workforce online.

NHDA Member Resources

NHDA Members can access Advocacy resources here. 

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